Case Study 1 | Engineering Company

An Engineering company based in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen, and Baku had established themselves as a leading industry player in the turnkey provision of electrical, instrumentation and control system engineering services.

With a workforce of 100 personnel, the company operated from its purpose-designed engineering facilities which were equipped to manufacture a range of instrumentation, control, shutdown and motor-control panels.

The company’s control systems division was originally developed for the pharmaceutical and water industries, but had seen a 70% growth in its work in process control systems for oil and gas related companies.

The management team began working with Les Haswell, as part of their expansion plans. The company had one key objective for the project – growth for their business. A £5million turnover, they sought assistance to show how they could substantially grow turnover to £10million. The company wanted advice on how to achieve this, and in order to do this,

  • which markets they should concentrate on
  • what skills they should be selling
  • how would their resources cope with this potential growth.

Discussions took place between Les Haswell, and the management team to ensure full understanding of the business, its market and its objectives. Research

was undertaken to allow Haswell to identify the areas for the company to concentrate on. This included in-depth analysis of where the company were in their market and where they wanted to be.

It was established that the company primarily undertook work in two key areas,

  • construction & installation
  • value added engineering i.e. design of control systems

The management wanted to focus on the later in order to build their reputation as a value add engineering company.

Les Haswell asked the team to identify what they felt were their strengths and weaknesses and where they say potential problems, internally, with clients and with their suppliers. From these, Haswell assisted in prioritising the areas which requires investigation.

The two main areas which were identified by the team for focusing on were

  • value added engineering
  • the international market

These areas offered huge potential for growth, maximising expertise and allowing the company to build on the success of its office in Azerbaijan.

Ongoing consultation with the management team took place throughout the project and they were provided with suggestions and solutions as well as an implementation plan.

The company’s Operations Manager commented, that the interactive sessions gave the management team the opportunity to sit down as a team, and collectively, through individual ideas, to peruse a robust plan of action on how best to direct our thoughts to increasing the company’s turnover, while controlling the growth, minimising our risk, and promoting services which offer a greater rate of return. This process has been of great assistance in directing our thoughts, enabling us to follow a clear path ahead.