CONSULTANCY & SUPPORT | Sales & Marketing

Les Haswell Consulting has built up a mature network of contacts at all levels of the energy industries, associated support agencies and government departments in areas such as Brazil, Middle East and the Gulf of Mexico. By using these networks and the companies own experience and expertise Les Haswell Consulting can assist companies by;

  • Assessing the sales & marketing processes
  • Market analysis
  • Investigating new markets
  • Carrying out sales calls on key accounts or specific geographic areas


CONSULTANCY & SUPPORT | Business Development

Many small and medium sized businesses are built on the strength of their product or service offering to the market, but as these companies grow, it becomes more important for them to develop business relationships in areas where they wish to do business. These can be with key suppliers where local content is an issue or with local agents or clients. Les Haswell Consulting can;

  • Help to identify and build relationships with key suppliers
  • Identify opportunities for strategic alliances with key suppliers/clients
  • Help with building contacts and collaboration opportunities in export markets


CONSULTANCY & SUPPORT | Business Process Improvement

As companies grow, the processes they have in place to allow them to conduct their businesses on a day-to-day basis need to evolve and change to keep pace with the company’s development in other areas. By analyzing these important areas, it is possible for an outside resource to take an objective and impartial view of the business and recommend improvements which would help the business to move forward and grow. This facilitated process can;

  • Map business processes to establish current practices
  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Allocate responsibilities and time scales
  • Monitor progress

A company’s Operations Manager commented, that “the interactive sessions gave the management team the opportunity to sit down as a team, and collectively, through individual ideas, to peruse a robust plan of action on how best to direct our thoughts to increasing the company’s turnover…..This process has been of great assistance in directing our thoughts, enabling us to follow a clear path ahead”


CONSULTANCY & SUPPORT | Implementation Support

It is often not difficult in a workshop environment to highlight opportunities to improve existing processes and procedures, it is often more difficult to take these opportunities back to the workplace and implement the changes. This means that often process improvements and cost savings are never achieved.

Les Haswell Consulting can give assistance with the implementation of business process change via interactive facilitated workshops, allowing those involved in the day to day running of the business to become involved and informed, and to become part of change process.



Many senior managers now appreciate that very often an outside resource can help a business to look at itself objectively and honestly in a way in which people close to the running of the business on a day-to-day basis are not able to. This can often lead to more improvements being identified and eventually implemented by management teams which are truly bought into the process.