These workshops are normally of one or two day duration and in some cases can be configured as four half-day sessions. Training and Workshops include;

  • Foundation Sales Skills
  • Advanced Business Development Techniques
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Process Improvement

WORKSHOPS & TRAINING | Foundation Sales Skills

  • UNDERSTAND the basics of Selling
  • MASTER the art of Cold Calling
  • APPRECIATE the “Right Man” approach
  • ENGAGE the right telephone manner
  • APPROACH the Sale in a Professional manner
  • PRESENT to the client
  • LEARN about Features & Benefits
  • OVERCOME objections
  • CLOSE the Sale

WORKSHOPS & TRAINING | Advanced Business Development

  • DEMONSTRATE how to build rapport with a wide variety of customers
  • MATCH product or service solutions to customers’ individual needs and buying styles
  • DISCOVER how to gain customers’ commitment to the next level
  • MASTER the tools that can be used to develop an understanding of the customer’s motivational drivers and aspirations
  • BENEFIT by understanding and prioritizing your market to maximize the bottom line
  • ENGAGE with internal and external customers through effective communications that can help in the business growth
  • DESIGN your sales and customer relationship management strategy
  • KEEP ABREAST in today’s ever changing and competitive business environment

WORKSHOPS & TRAINING | Supply Chain Management

1 or 2 day interactive workshops, run as full day or half day sessions, designed to demonstrate the tools used to improve the management of the supply chain, both internally, between departments and externally looking up the supply chain to clients and down the supply chain to examine relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors and to give practical experience of using these tools.

These workshops look at areas such as:

  • Market positioning
  • Spend analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Prioritisation of opportunities
  • Client/supplier relationships
  • Capability profiling.


WORKSHOPS & TRAINING | Business Process Improvement

As companies grow, the processes they have in place to allow them to conduct their businesses on a day-to-day basis need to evolve and change to keep pace with the company’s development in other areas. By analyzing these important areas, it is possible for an outside resource to take an objective and impartial view of the business and recommend improvements which would help the business to move forward and grow. This facilitated process can;

  • Map business processes to establish current practices
  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Allocate responsibilities and time scales
  • Monitor progress

One company’s Operations Manager commented, that “the interactive sessions gave the management team the opportunity to sit down as a team, and collectively, through individual ideas, to peruse a robust plan of action on how best to direct our thoughts to increasing the company’s turnover…..This process has been of great assistance in directing our thoughts, enabling us to follow a clear path ahead”